"Enlarge the place of your tent, And let them stretch out the curtains of your habitations; Do not spare; lengthen your cords, And strengthen your stakes."
Isaiah 54:2

Roll Tide..2015
Luke and I had our own national championship game of checkers tonight after dinner...he was perfectly fine taking the trophy from dear old Mom..haha! I wanted to do something that was not technology and something that would take my mind off the heaviness of today. It has been one of those days that was just, well, heavy. Not a crisis. Not a bad day. Not a sad day. Just a heavy heart for so many people going through tough situations.

I turned our TV on upstairs and the verse from Isaiah 54:2 was on the screen. It immediately spoke to my heavy heart. God's peace covered me and I immediately began to praise Him. Oh, I see, it's not that my heart is heavy it's that my heart is open. My heart is beating again in prayer. My heart is interceding for the needs of others. My heart is held by the Prince of Peace. I consider it an honor to go to the Lord in prayer. Not long, empty prayers. But personal, intimate conversation with the Lord about any and every thing. And He is faithful. I know this and today He confirmed it once again. His yoke is easy and His burden is light, not heavy. He is perfectly capable of handling all the issues I bring before Him and more. He is "enlarging the place of my tent" far beyond anything these hazel eyes can see (with or without contacts, haha). He is holy and He is Sovereign. He enlarged my faith in Him. It is well with my soul.

Read all of Isaiah 54. I certainly blessed me tonight. If you haven't had your bible out today, now is the time. One verse I say often in prayer is "No weapon formed against you shall prosper.." (Isaiah 54:17), the weapon is formed but cannot prosper. No matter what you are going through, it can not prosper. Thank you Lord Jesus for this new year, 2016, my heart is beating again. What a blessing!

And I sure did enjoy the game of checkers with my boy, I hate to admit that I went to bed before the game was over last night. There have been plenty of replays today. Thank the Lord for wins and replays...smile!



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