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"Walking in the midst of the fire." Daniel 3:25 Hey my friends! I hope this letter comes to you at just the right time! Be warned you just might need to take a walk after you read..grab your tennis shoes or throw off those uncomfortable shoes and walk barefoot (my personal goes... I am one who needs to walk daily, doesn't always happen, but oh what a difference in my overall attitude when it does! I feel sure one of my coined phrases when I am eighty years old will probably still be "I am going walking, not because I want to, but because I need to". My kids can finish that sentence. In our ten years in this neighborhood, I have a two mile loop that is my normal go to route. I have walked it with a stroller and babies, pregnant with Luke and pushing Abby in the stroller (crazy), then toddlers, nature walks as preschoolers to find leaves, rocks and acorns(aka-let's get out of this house!!!), with bicycle or skateboard school-age companion…