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Forty-Five Verses:Love for Letters

Call me old fashioned but I have loved "letters" all my life..writing and receiving them. It seems to be a dying art but there's is just something so special about a hand-written note or letter that speaks to my soul. I have basically been a pen pal since I was six years old. I was in the backseat of  my Mom's crimson and white Chrysler  Cordova (which we had for years!) waving goodbye to my best friend, Shannon as we made the move from Douglasville, Georgia to Birmingham, Alabama. It was a hard goodbye. With the help of our parents we managed to write letters (they mailed them) and see each other several times a year (we would pick her up on the way to my grandparents house) all the while.. cultivating a friendship that is now forty years strong! The connection and power of letters!

My grandmother was also an avid letter writer and hers were laced with every detail imaginable. I was recently given a stack of my letters written to her over the years in high school, …