31 Days Of Pink: Sweet Weekend

"For in him we live and move and have our being."
Acts 17:28

It's been a "sweet" weekend, literally! There is nothing like having a best friend come through town and stop by  just to see you! Shannon and her husband, Stephen were headed to the big game this weekend and we were able to have a late afternoon treat at Steel City Pops! Seems lately we have been talking our way through this season of life. Many texts, quick phone calls, extended phone call are lifelines at times but the Lord just knows when it's time to be together! We have pretty much had a long distance friendship since first grade, and we used to record letters to each other! Atleast texts get there a little quicker..haha! Very thankful for that time:)

Just an hour or so earlier, I had picked up Mom, gone to carpool, dropped Mom and Abby off at the house and headed to meet them. That's the other "sweet" part of the weekend. Mom stayed with us, our first houseguest. Dad went to a reunion in Charlotte (after being right there with her, every step of the way) and she is two weeks post surgery. She had to have the surgery from April redone. She is doing well, it was just a little more intense than the last, thus a slower recovery. There was so much going on, we didn't alert everyone. This last year has been one thing after another for her. I feel like she is doing a hundred percent better overall than she was this time last year. So I praise the Lord for her continued healing process. We continue to pray for no complications, no infection and for renewed energy.

We sure have enjoyed having her here this weekend. Our big outings have been to two different grocery stores, where she was able to push the cart for her exercise. Here again, I love our all phone calls and more frequent visits lately but the Lord just knows when it is time to be together! One of the memories I have as a child is my Mamaw making homemade ice cream. Since I knew Mom would be with us this weekend and I know the contents of their attic (smile), I asked if she would help us make some for Luke and Abby this weekend....

Mom and Luke made the vanilla ice cream recipe. I left for a walk with that old, familiar sound of the ice cream freezer churning (hello childhood),

 came back and voila...yummy ice cream!

I was thinking on my walk about how much everything has changed in a year, not just with Mom's health but where I was last year in October. Writing 31 Days of Pink was more about finally coming forward with all that I wanted to say for years about all that I learned from having breast cancer. The Lord taught me so much. I felt as if I sat at His feet for a year, leaning, learning and living...day to day.  This year it is not as pink, not as much about the past but about the present. That is perhaps the greatest gift that I received during those long, hard days. Everything around me was changing except for my one constant, Jesus. "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever." Hebrews 13:8 To be present with Him and live in the present. One day at a time. And sometimes lately, I forget that. This weekend was a blessed reminder of how sweet life is to just be in the presence of those you love. Every single day is a gift. Live in the present. Let go of what is holding you back or what you are refusing to let go of and grab onto the hand of Jesus. Seek his face. His presence.
The present is in the presence. Amen.

Day#303 Sweet Treasures


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