Get Your House in Order: Tearing down a wall

"Lord, I love the house where you dwell, the place where your glory resides."
Psalm 26:8

Kitchen Wall that's coming down! Before

Walls have so many purposes in our homes.  They make boundaries. They separate one room from another. They give privacy. They are place to hang our pictures and display treasures.  They house electrical wiring and essentials internally that are needed for external use. However, there are some walls that can come down! And that's exactly what is going to take place with the one you see above that is between the kitchen and den. There's a plan in place, but details not completely worked out. 

Kitchen Before

Here is the opposite side of the kitchen that will also get a new look! I adore the window....

Kitchen Eating Area Before

The eating area and three more windows overlooking some great Bradford pear trees in the, so peaceful!

 This is the wall we plan to put the double-oven and stove top and an island will separate kitchen from den with cabinets underneath. 

The door to the deck is by far my favorite (how many things have I called my favorite so far?)!
 I can't wait until fall!!

Now, back to walls. And tearing them down. I have just spent about six years tearing down and rebuilding walls. Some not all. Many of them are torn down for good. Only the Lord could reconstruct and make something good out all the walls I had put between myself and others. I had many reasons, like all walls... boundaries, privacy, display and internal purposes. But the beauty that has come from the ashes (Isaiah 61:3), I would not trade for anything.

It's been pretty exhilirating at times to come face to face with fears and see God work on my behalf  to do what I could never do for myself. It's also been exhausting at the end of the day, when I am tired and struggling, yet I see God work on my behalf  to get through what I thought I never could on my own. So, whether it is building a wall or tearing one down, in a house or in your heart, never ever give up...the joy is in the victory, in His glory. It leaves you with so many more options and a lot more OPEN SPACE!! AHHHH! I praise you Lord!

Day#214 Beauty for Ashes


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