Get Your House in Order: Back to Life

"For in him we live and move and have our being.' 
As some of your own poets have said, We are his offspring." 
Acts 17:28

Me and my Design Coordinator, thanks Mom!

Well, look who came over to help me hang some pictures and get me unstuck from my decorating dilema in the playroom! It was so nice to see Mom's car in my driveway when we got home from school. She has been getting out a little, but not much. Amazing recovery. She is a week away from surgery and counting it down! Thanks for your continued prayers !

I am very pleased with how everything turned out. We added a  mirror that I had up in the attic. Brought in a chair from the den. A dry erase board from the office and changed around some tables. There's a whole lot of function that goes on in that room! Atleast now it looks better and it's still highly functional! Sewing, art, tv, reading, games, etc......

This was on my list of things to do one project this season. I did it just before Spring hit! Always in the eleventh hour, that would be me! At the end of one season and starting a new one. I am so ready, more than ready! Trusting in God's timing as He works His plan!

Live. Move. Have our being.

In Him.

Day#84 Keep moving forward


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