Get Your House in Order: Weekly Check-up

"The Lord your God walks in the midst of your camp to deliver you."
Deuteronomy 23:14

Discipline yourself to:

1. Seek the Lord every morning 2. Do one thing today you have been avoiding

3. Finish what you start 4. Embrace the down time 5. Listen and know that still small voice 6. Live thankful 7. Do a weekly Check-up 8. Eat atleast one piece of fruit daily 9. Be intentional 10. Do one project this season 11. Stick to the List 12. Slow down and Pay Attention 13. Wait 14. Do a weekly Check-up 15. Allow time for Adjustments 16. Learn a little something new each day 17. Take time for things you love to do 18. Know what season you are in 19. Look up daily 20. Live out your freedom in Christ daily  21. Do a weekly Check-up 22. Celebrate big and small things 23.Always look back and see the hand of God 24. Relax 25. Make time for your friends 26. Give God the Glory for everything 27. Let go of distractions and move on 28. Do a weekly check-up 

Wednesdays seem to roll around quick lately! I do like the consistency of doing a weekly is keeping me balanced! I have been in celebration all week, lots of looking back and looking ahead, but more importantly being intentional about where I am in the present moment! Embracing, relaxing, seeing the hand of God at work.... God is good!

Day #28 Discipline yourself to do a weekly check-up


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