Get Your House In Order: Weekly Check-Up

"Evening and morning and at noon I will pray
 and hear aloud and He shall hear my voice."
Psalm 55:17

1. Seek the Lord every morning 2. Do one thing today you have been avoiding

3. Finish what you start 4. Embrace the down time 5. Listen and know that still small voice 6. Live thankful 7. Do a weekly Check-up 8. Eat atleast one piece of fruit daily 9. Be intentional 10. Do one project this season 11. Stick to the List 12. Slow down and Pay Attention 13. Wait 14. Do a weekly Check-up 15. Allow time for Adjustments 16 Learn a little something new each day 17 Take time for things you love to do 18 Know what season you are in 19 Look up daily 20 Live out your freedom in Christ daily  21 Do a weekly Check-up

Are you still with me on the journey? I kinda laughed tonight as I glanced at my house and thought..uh huh, you really need to "get your house in order!" I do feel I am making progress on my spiritual internal house, and the external physical house is coming soon! It really is. We are in the process of having the outside of our house prepped and ready for a new paint job. So that's exciting news around here (for me atleast, I can't wait to see it freshly painted). Other great news is that we managed to use the one week menu plan for two weeks and I still have one meal left to cook!  Like I said before, it has taken away some stress! I am noticing all kinds of things in the sky, trying to look up more, literally and figuratively. And we are allowing lots of time for adjustments. Smile.

 My prayer tonight is :Trust God when I want to try and control. Trust God when I want to react instead of waiting to respond. Trust God to move me forward each day in the direction He would have me go. Trust God to give me hope. Trust, Always, Trust.

It's been a great week! And it's going to only get better! Talk to you tomorrow!

Day #21 Discipline yourself to do a weekly checkup



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