31 Days of Pink: Children and Cancer Part 3 (Chemo)

"The Lord will guard you as you come and go, both now and forever."
Psalm 121:8

There was plenty of light that shined in the darkness throughout the journey of chemotherapy. And just like with the surgeries, Abby and Luke were affected in their own little ways. When I first told Abby my hair would fall out from the strong medicine she said "well, atleast you won't have to brush your hair!" Considering that was her least favorite thing to do, she was looking on the bright side.

4th of July 2009 

And here is the last page of her book that I wanted to include with her thoughts. 

Also, the teapot card below is from Luke on Mother's Day and in the "spout" it says in pencil "Soon this will happen"..as in "soon you will have hair like the picture". From a five year old, I think that is pretty sweet. 

Mother's Day Card 2009

We had a little fun with this wig, it was an extra and really not me. Looks pretty cute on Luke!

Summer 2009

And Luke was right. Soon my hair grew back. My chemo ended in the summer.  And I began to get back to doing more things for them like I used to, and playing outside with them again, and show signs of the Mommy they knew a few months back.

Fall of 2009
And I tried not to miss an opportunity to let them know that without God none of this would have been possible. I take those very words to heart today and remind myself to do the same thing, now as we walk along through this busy life together! 


"And he himself has promised us this: eternal life."
1 John 2:25


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